Thursday, March 29, 2007


Dispute A Debt

Due to billing errors, some creditors can report to collection even after paying a debt. If a collection agency contacts you regarding a debt (or a portion of it) that you don’t believe you owe, there are specific things you must do to document the dispute.First, write the collection agency within 30 days of receiving the first notice, informing them that you want them to verify the validity of the debt and why. Make sure your letter is properly dated, addressed; and also shows the account number shown on the notice. It is also vital that you keep a copy of all correspondence for your records.Once an account gets reported to a collection agency, it can take up to 90 days before it gets reported to your credit report. Therefore, it is imperative to contact them as soon as you received “the attempt to collect a debt letter” to prevent that collection showing up on your credit report. One collection account can drop your FICO score down to 100 points. For more information about credit repair and Debt consolidation techniques, visit or call 1-800-613-6902

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