Monday, April 09, 2007


Credit Repair—With little guidance Self Help May Be Best

The majority of credit holders do not understand what is used to determine credit.

The purpose of the Credit Analysis Program is to help our valued customers understand and know what is used to determine good or bad credit.

By ordering this service, one of AFS' credit consulting representatives will study and analyze your credit report from all three big credit bureaus. According to your current credit situation, we will teach you how to improve or maintain a good credit score. We will teach you your credit rights and if you have a lot of debts, we will teach you how to negotiate your debts straightforward with the creditors. By contacting the creditors yourself, you can eliminate the debt consolidation companies; they charge too much and their service sometimes can put you more in debt.

To assess your creditworthiness, credit grantors use one or both of systems, FICO which put a numerical value to your score. America Financial Solutions' credit analysis program will show you how your credit situation looks to potential credit grantors, and how to improve the situation.

The credit analysis program is not intended to repair or restore your credit, it is meant for you to understand your current credit situation. It is also is for valued customers who are interested in restoring their credits but have no idea what their current credit situation is, and how to start the process to repairing. This is the first vital step to a better credit score.

Credit Repair—With little guidance Self Help May Be Best

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