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Bad Credit?

From Yahoo User!!!

Bad Credit?
I'm from the US and have bad credit. I'm unable to pay it at the moment due to my financial crisis. (My brother and I had to use several credit cards to pay bills when my father was hospitalized. Trust me, you don't think twice when your loved one is in critical condition.) If I were to move to another country, say Australia, would my bad credit follow me or would I start fresh? Keep in mind that I'm not trying to run away from my debt, but I do have the opportunity to attend college there to finally reach my educational and eventually my financial goals. Thanks and please no smart remarks.

AFS’ Answer

Based on your situation, you need to stay away from any type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13). If you have revolving debts like credit cards, you can just pack your stuff and move to Australia. It is going to take you about 4 or 5 years to graduate. By the time you decide to make it back to the states, the statute of limitation on those debts will run out and will be able to use different provisions from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to remove those negative entries off your credit report.
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