Friday, June 29, 2007


Credit Inquiries

Random User

How many credit inquiries does it take to lower your score? I was recently denied because I had too many credit inquiries. As of May 30,2007 I have following inquiries: Equifax-7 in the last 12 months. Transunion-3 and Experian-13 in the last 2 yeas. Also, how long does an inquiries stay on your credit report?

AFS’ Answer

If your credit score is 680 or above, inquiries will not prevent you from getting new credit cards, buying a car or a home. Excessive inquiries only have a small impact on your FICO score. If you do not have good credit and have excessive inquiries, potential creditors will see you as “Credit hunter” and might be a “dead beat!!” Inquiries stay on your credit report for two long years.

*Soft inquiries AKA promotional inquiries have no impact on your credit report
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