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How to Deal with Debt Collector

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A debt collector keeps calling my son at work. I have been told it is against the law for them to do this, so he told them not to call him at work anymore as it would jeopardize his job. They yelled at him and told him they could call him once a day every day if they wanted to, and then threatened that if he didn't settle the debt right then over the phone, they would have the police serve papers on him that day at work. What are his rights and what steps can he take to stop this? Paying is not an option at this time as he just started the job and is barely making enough to pay living expenses. He don't own any property or even a car as he doesn't drive.

“Five Great Lies of Bill Collector—And How You Can Cash in on Them
Sadly, some bill collectors tell you almost anything to scare you into sending some cash. Over the years I have seen some egregious examples of collector deception. Here are five of my favorites:
1) “we are sending the sheriff out after you” If the cops were called out to hunt down the millions of delinquent debtors (who, by the way, have broken no laws), they’d never have time to go after the real crooks.
2) We are going to garnish all your salary. This common ploy is just hot air. A garnishment takes only a small percentage of your earnings
3) You are going to lose your home. Another Whopper. No creditor or court has the power to take your home form you.
4) We will simply take the money from you bank account. No, you won’t, not without a court judgment mandating it.
5) I am calling from the legal department
But there is how you can turn these lies to your advantage: most states have laws against bill-collector deception and lying—and substantial compensation if you can prove it. Get a telephone take recorder to record your conversation with collectors. As long as you are a party to the conversation, surreptitiously taking it is legal in most states—but check your own state’s laws first.”
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